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Information about Shahdad and Ab Anbar ecolodge

Ab Anbar ecolodge has off road cars for guests to experience adventure and have great and exciting time here. Kalout city made by flowing sand is one of the most touristic places of Iran. Ab Anbar ecolodge is ready to be your host in this city.



Do you know Ab Anbar ecolodge has always special off for you? Such off for your birthday, your anniversary and for teachers.

You can reserve in advance in our site to have no worry about your plans. Everything is ready for you who are fans of nature and travel.

Historic places of Shahdad

Historic places of Shahdad

Shahdad is a city in Kerman county, Kerman province, Iran. The driving distance from Kerman city to Shahdad is 95 km. Shahdad is located at the edge of the Lut desert. We can mention many unique places in this city such as castles, cistern, wind mill and city of dwarfs..

City of dwarfs which brings to mind the image of little people or Lilliputs is one of the most amazing place in shahdad. .

We promise you to have a great night if you choose our ecolodge. You can try very delicious local food with us. And also you can use our special offer.

Handicrafts and souvenirs  of shahdad

Handicrafts and souvenirs of shahdad

Shahdad has a lot of palm trees. Woman use this material for making handicrafts such as Pateh and Mat weaving. This handicrafts are realy amazing an unique in the world..

We prepare all kind of souvenirs of Shahdad such as handicrafts and local food to have no worries about giving souvenirs to your friends.

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